Hawaii Loa Ridge’s Top-Notch Security

By Dolores Bediones (R). posted April 19th 2013

If you didn’t already feel comfortable knowing Hawaii Loa Ridge has a rigorous gatehouse procedure for visitors and roaming security trucks, this month’s Homeowners Association Newsletter has a feature on Hawaii Loa Ridge’s chief of security, Fred Oishi, that will make you feel even safer.

Mr. Oishi has a background that includes US military intelligence and Honolulu Police Department patrol and detective experience. He has developed standard operating procedures for Hawaii Loa Ridge, training the guards and working with them daily. The state of Hawaii has mandated training and licensing for all security guards employed by the state and Mr. Oishi has passed the requirements to become a trainer. This means that the guards of Hawaii Loa Ridge will have the highest level of training as well as special, Ridge-oriented training that Mr. Oishi has developed to meet the needs of the neighborhood. Read more in the newsletter.

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